The heaters "Teplofon" allows to avoid the irational distribution of temperature and reduce heat loss. Thus, it does not create an excess of heated air, thus producing equalization of temperature between the floor and the ceiling, thereby saving up to 40% energy. Those who care about the ecology of their environment will be more than satisfied with the heaters' Teplofon "because they do not burn oxygen, does not emit odors, they are quiet and harmless to health, they are made from environmentally friendly materials , fireproof, resistant to mechanical damage, are allowed as a primary heating unattended and have a certificate of conformity.

Theese russian heaters are from Syberia!

Binar series

Electric heater Teplofon Binar - "flagship" is product line of factory Teplofon. Made in 2015! The main feature -this is a combination of two types of heating in one device.The model Teplofon binary has a heating complexion of intense heat by convection and also with infrared heating through the glass plate that adds economy and also helps to maintain a comfortable temperature. When the machine reaches the right temperature in the room, the device stops the intense heat of tone when the temperature drops by 1-2 degrees the heating is performed by infrared glass when the temperature drops to 3 or more degrees starts to include intense heat.You can set the temperature you want by the electronic thermostat which allows you to set different temperatures for each hour for every day of the week. color model - black, equipment with full completion bracket placement on the wall, feet on wheels for mobile use of the device.

Glassar series

Electric heater Teplofon Glassar a continuation patterns of the heaters Teplofon that has tempered glass panel. This device is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST, EAC and CE and has a long warranty to 5 years. Like other models in the composition of Teplofon, this device is certified for use without supervision.The heater Teplofon Glassar`s color is black with mounting bracket thickness its only 4.2 cm. Teplofon Glassar is an infrared heater is not creating convection currents. The innovative design and black, permit the use of this device in areas where the standard white heater is not suitable for the interior.

iT series

There is electronic programmable thermostat in heater. It determines the room temperature with the built temperature sensor and performs automatic switch of heater. That is how the desired temperature is carried out in the room without extra cost of electricity.

The thermostat has three basic modes: "on-call", "hand", "program."

On-call mode - the thermostat off mode in which the instrument produces only measurement of the ambient temperature and displays the current time.

Hand mode allows you to directly enter the desired temperature, to automatically maintain it in the room.

Operating mode "program" allows you to set different temperatures for different time intervals daily and weekly cycles, automatically maintain the temperature of the heated environment, according to a user-defined program. This allows maximum electricity sparingly.


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